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Branding and Strategy

What's the point?

Craftwork Group Co.

Over summer between my Sophomore and Junior year of college, I had the opportunity to intern for Craftwork Group Co.  Through this internship I gained exposure to marketing for a small and growing business, and was able to leave a recognizable impact on their owned media engagement through social media touchpoints. 

I utilized the Monday platform to create an organized and easily digestible spreadsheet for all social media posts. Then I created 4 months worth of content and began analyzing posts to learn how I could improve.  

Craftwork Monday board overview.png
Craftwork Monday board july instagram posts.png
Craftwork website careers page analytics.png
Craftwork website contact us analytics.png

As I was creating content, my goals were to increase unique visitors to our career page, and to increase completions of our contact us form. As shown, my posting (starting July 1st) successfully increased both metrics.


Miaou Influencer Pitch

Love Shack Fancy SWOT

Levi's Strategic Marketing Plan

Assignment: Choose a brand and create an influencer pitch.

Assignment: Create a potential social media campaign for a brand of your choosing. 

Assignment: Conduct a SWOT analysis  focusing on media outlets and consumer touchpoints.  

Kroger App suggestion

With the covid epidemic, we have seen an exponential increase in technology implementation within the business industry. From artificial intelligence, to blockchain, if you're not ahead, you're behind. Thinking about the emergence of apps designed to make customer's lives easier and give them more time, I created a hypothetical application for Kroger. This app utilized mostly blockchain technologies and the IoT to provide a wide array of information to customers to greatly enhance their shopping experience and increase customer loyalty. 

bis app 1.jpg
app apge 2 hopefully.jpg
paage 3rgoerbkmwfb.jpg
pagerg9rvk v.jpg

1 Opening page: Where users sign in or create an account. Would also lead to terms and agreement.







2 Home Page: Includes helpful information such as coupons and discounts. Also has customer's store information and can give directions to stores. Similarly, if a customer is in a new area, the app can gain access to their location, or they can insert their zip-code to direct them to the nearest Kroger. 

3 Scan Page: Allows customers to scan any product in the store and gain relevant information.

4 Scan page 2: After scanning an items barcodes, customers are taken to the product's information page. Here they can see our an overall health rating done by a team of Kroger specialists, along with a breakdown of the main food groups in the product. There will also be alerts if the customer has notified the app of any allergies. Furthermore, customers will have a deeper access to Kroger's supply chain, enabling them to see where and when items are coming from and being stocked on shelves. 

5 Liked products page: Here customers can compile a list of their favorite products, and keep track of their availability in stores.

6 Profile Page: This page allows customers to customize their account to their needs. Customers can insert their credit card information and pay in the app after scanning their products. Instead of having an employee scan every item, they would simply need to check the customers phone to ensure they bought the items in their cart. Customers can also insert any allergies or food preferences so the app will alert them before they make the purchase. The customer's Kroger card would also automatically be in the app, so customers never have to worry about forgetting it at home.

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