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Creative Direction

Make shit happen

Styling Project: Eternal Bloom

Inspiration: I was inspired by Leith Clark's whimsical and feminine styling. Throughout her work she portrays a freeness and refusal to conform. She masterfully utilizes color to create whimsical looks and movement to snapshot youthful moments in time. 

Proposal: I hope to convey a similar sense of freeness and elegance through flowy and elongated poses. The name Eternal Bloom relates to the youthfulness that I hope to convey. I envision this for Lula Magazine, as the youthful free pictures are perfect for the girl of your dreams concept.

Leith Clark.png

Styling Project: Nothing to Wear

Proposal: Style and direct a photoshoot inspired by fast fashion

Nothing to Wear.png

Urban Atelier Group

Self conducted photoshoots on project sites

AW 23 Collection 

I created a trend board, concept board, and constructed a skirt based on 2022 / 2023 Autumn, Winter trend projections found on WGSN. 



Was tasked to create and market a product to college students. After Analyzing the market and conducting individual research, we came up with a delivery boxes that fulfill a wide variety of college student needs. Along with other contributions, I created the logo, slide deck, and prototypes. 

kitship model pic 2.jpg
kitship boxegqerb.jpg
KitShip box 1 pic.jpg
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